Interested in being a land agent for RecLand?

We have a number of agents in the states we service. There are a variety of backgrounds and levels of experience represented. A great aspect of being a real estate agent with RecLand is that a person can do it as a full-time career like several of our people do or they can do it "on the side" so to speak while they keep their day job. The flexibility is there to make it fit into your current lifestyle.

There are a few basic steps that any prospective land agent must take:

1. Talk to Pat Porter. That's me! Call or email to get the conversation going and we can discuss what you have in mind. I am looking for good people, in the states we serve and in new areas, whom I can build the RecLand brand around. I have the structure, tools, and brand. What I need are more boots on the ground in some key areas.

2. Have a real estate license in LA, AR, MS, TX, IA, MO. If you don't have a real estate license, you must be willing and able to get one. This will require a small commitment on your part to review your state requirements, pay for and take the required coursework (can be done in classroom or online in as little as a couple weeks if you're motivated), submit the application to your state real estate commission and then take and pass the test. We will stay in touch through this process so I can help where needed and have things ready for you on our end so you don't waste a minute to get up and rolling.

3. Once licensed, be willing to do what you and I discussed when you did #1 above.

We have a commitment to grow and put advertising behind our listings and brand to help our land agents succeed. This is a primary part of who we are. RecLand does all the advertising for all agents' listings. We pay for it, too. We also advertise our services to help get new listings. These listings are passed along to the agents in the area. Our agents do not have to worry about other agents unfairly getting listings or leads that come through the office. We manage a system through our  office manager to distribute all listings and leads according to geography, land type, etc.

Our commission structure is very competitive...especially given the fact we pay for all the marketing and give the agents the leads we generate through our websites, social media, and other media.

Sure, being a land agent is strictly a commission-based career. But RecLand helps good agents ease into it by handling all the costly expenses associated with marketing your services and listings. Basically, you secure and maintain your license, pay for your gas, cell phone, and lifestyle...and RecLand pays for all the other stuff to market your business...even down to the signs and business cards.

We need good people. It's an outstanding way to make a living and enjoy a flexible lifestyle. If you have interest...see #1!

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Call or email us today. Our land agents will be happy to discuss with you how RecLand can market and sell your land in Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Texas, Iowa & Missouri.

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